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Our fees are documented here and have been updated as of October 2021 click to download them in PDF format.

Additional Fees Explained

Drafting a declaration – a declaration is a type of sworn statement. Often it is needed in very specific circumstances, for instance to assert there has been no problem gaining a right of access where there is legal access or an assertion that the maker is solvent. This necessity may come during the course of your transaction

Dealing with help to buy ISA – this is one of the various government assistance schemes to aid first time buyers. If you qualify then extra paperwork will need to be prepared in order to obtain the amount of money that may be due. This must be applied for prior to completion and must be used for the purposes of purchasing your property or the benefit could be lost.

Putting in place or approving an indemnity insurance policy – often this is needed by buyers or sellers in a variety of differing situations. For instance where there should have been a building regulations consent for an alteration; where there are no documented rights of access over privately owned land where there should be such access or where there is a document noted as missing that affects the title of a property being sold but this document has been noted as having been in existence but lost. We will advise you if this will be needed and send to you a copy of the insurance policy so you can review its terms, conditions and exclusions.

Dealing with an additional title number –A property you purchase has a title which has either been registered at the Land Registry or classed as  “unregistered”. Where it is registered, in the overwhelming majority of cases it will bear a title number. Sometimes however the property can be comprised of two or more titles.  For instance where there is a house and a separate garage. This is not a concern but can involve extra work when preparing the contracts and completion.

Unregistered title – title to all land in England and Wales is either registered at the Land Registry or unregistered. Title to land has to be registered when it changes  hands in the overwhelming majority of cases. Often the title to a property has not been registered because it has not changed hands for many years. Where title is unregistered this can involve considerable extra work

Deed of trust –  where there are two or more buyers you may opt to own the property in unequal shares. A deed of trust between such buyers is the best way of preserving the respective interests in the property being purchased

Dealing with an additional charge – the majority of buyers purchase with assistance of one mortgage company. Some however can use two or more and this can involve considerable extra work

If the mortgage company is using separate solicitors – most lenders will use us for the legal formalities when the purchase is proceeding. A minority do not and have their own solicitors. This can cause considerable extra work and duplication of paperwork when it is submitted for approval to the mortgage  lender’s solicitors.

Dealing with criss-cross leases – this is a very specific situation. This applies to a property converted into two flats and you are buying one of them. We have to check that each lease has been properly constituted and that repair, maintenance and insurance obligations are correctly established. This can involve extra work.

Dealing with solar panels – this applies where there are solar panels installed on a purchase property. There are various complicated regulatory requirements that solar panels need to be legally installed and used and this can involve extra work

New build fee – this often applies when one is purchasing a new property and there is often extra documentation to examine and report on which can involve extra work

Drafting a deed of covenant – this often  applies often where a flat changes hands and the landlord wants a promise from the buyer that he / she will keep to the terms of the lease after completion or similarly  where a freehold house changes hands and there is a management company dealing with communal maintenance, repair and insurance

Dealing with notices – this often applies where a flat changes hands the landlord  or management company often wants a formal notice so that it can update its records

Dealing with certificate of compliance – this often applies where a flat or house (with a management company) changes hands and the landlord or management company requires certain formalities to be performed after completion so that it can formally consent to the title being transferred to the buyers and this can involve extra work

Referral fees
Batchelor Sharp have arrangements with several Estate Agents, Financial Advisors and Management Companies whereby we pay them a Referral Fee for the introduction of your business to us. The amount paid by us to them in no way affects the fees we charge you as it is paid from our own funds after completion of the matter. The exact of Referral Fee we pay to these third parties for introducing you varies depending on the Introducer however full details of this fee will be disclosed to you when we send you our Terms and Conditions of Business and our Letters of Engagement.

Certainty National Will Register
Batchelor Sharp automatically register all wills written with Certainty National Will Register. Registration is not without cost but it is already included in our Fees. Registration records the existence of the will on a central database and tags the location of your will on the Register in order that your executors or those loved ones you have left your estate to can locate your will once you have sadly passed away. The existence and location of your will are confidential and will only ever be disclosed to a bona fide person with a copy of the death certificate and a beneficial interest in the will or executor with proof of ID. There are over eight million wills currently registered with The National Will Register and at peak times a will is registered every two seconds with them. As you can see it is a comprehensive list. We do this registration to protect you and your loved ones’ interests.

Batchelor Sharp - Personnel

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 Keith Batchelor  - Senior Partner / Solicitor (Supervisor)

Work undertaken – Conveyancing, Probate, Wills, Trust and LPA

Paul Taylor – Partner/ Solicitor (Supervisor)

Work Undertaken – Residential and Commercial Conveyancing

Jackie Curtis – Partner/ FILEX (Supervisor)

Work Undertaken -  Residential Conveyancing

Claire O’Malley – Solicitor

Work Undertaken- Residential and Commercial Conveyancing

Ann Cook -  Conveyancing Executive

Work undertaken – Residential Conveyancing

Sharon Boothby – Probate Wills and LPA Executive

Work undertaken – Probate, Wills and LPA’s

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