Diversity and Equality Data has been collected as part of an exercise undertaken to comply with the Solicitors Regulation Authority guidelines and this data was collected during June 2023.

This exercise asks us to provide detailed information concerning the following:  Roles, Age, Gender, Disability, Health, Ethnicity, Religion, Sexual Orientation and socio-economic background.

The results were as follows:-
Out of 24 Partners and staff, 16 returned the information – there is no requirement for an employee to supply information.

Our Offices are:
377/381 Two Mile Hill Road, Kingswood, Bristol, BS15 1AD
3 Badminton Court, Station Road, Yate, Bristol BS37 5HZ

From the responses received we were able to prepare the following information:
Full equity partner                                                                                      1

Managerial role                                                                                         1

IT/HR/other corporate services role                                                     1

Other fee-earning roles                                                                           3

A role directly supporting a fee-earner                                              9

Preferred not to say                                                                                  1

16-24                                                                                                              1

25-34                                                                                                              2
45-54                                                                                                              5
55-64                                                                                                              6         

65+                                                                                                                 1

Prefer not to say                                                                                         1
Male                                                                                                              2

Female                                                                                                          14

All respondents identify with their gender registered at birth.

No respondent considers themselves to have a disability (as defined)


Day to day activities limited a little by a health problem             4

Day to day activities not affected                                                       12

Ethnic Group
White British/English/Welsh/Northern Irish/Scottish                           16
No religion or beliefs                                                                                 6         
Christian                                                                                                       9
Prefer not to say                                                                                         1
Sexual Orientation
Heterosexual                                                                                               15

Gay/Lesbian                                                                                               1

State school (selective)                                                                           4

State school (non-selective)                                                                  9

Independent (no bursary)                                                                      1

School outside the UK                                                                              1

Not sure                                                                                                        1


Neither parents attended university                                                    12

One or both parents attended university                                          1

Don’t know                                                                                                  3

Occupation of main household earner at age 14

Modern professional                                                                                 5

Manager                                                                                                      1

Clerical                                                                                                         1

Technical                                                                                                     2

Routine occupations                                                                                2

Small business owner                                                                                3

Prefer not to say                                                                                         2

Primary Carer for children under 18
Yes                                                                                                                 4

No                                                                                                                  11

Prefer not to say                                                                                         1

Caring for someone with a disability                          

No                                                                                                                  12

Yes, 1-19 hours a week                                                                            3

Yes, 50 hours or more a week                                                                1


This data is collected in confidence and is displayed in such a way as to not distinguish between individuals employed by the firm. As such 16 responses of 24 possible responses may not reflect a true cross section of the firm.
Batchelor Sharp
26th June 2023

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